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How the Legal Aid can assist you


Our advisors are bound by confidentiality, so you may safely share the matter and your concerns about your case with the Legal Aid. Below you can read more about how we work and what you can expect from us.

When you contact the Legal Aid you will have the opportunity to meet in private with two legal advisors to discuss your case. The advisors will review the case with you and review any relevant documents that you have brought along. Depending on the matter, the advisors will either provide you with verbal advice or offer to run the case for you.

If the Legal Aid decides to take on your case, we will write letters to the parties in the case as appropriate and follow the case till its completion. Your case will generally remain allocated to the same advisors on the weekday that you first visited the Legal Aid. This means that your case will generally be followed by the same advisors, who knows you, and the same applies to any additional cases that you may ask the Legal Aid to assist you with. Conversely, this also mean that you can only inquire about your case on the same weekday. You will therefore not be able to visit the Legal Aid on other weekdays.

Copenhagen Legal Aid is an independent organisation free of political interests and authorities. The Legal Aid's advisors are bound by confidentiality and you can therefore safely share all details of your case with the advisors. It is important that you do not withhold facts about the case, so the the advisors can give you proper advice.

Most of our cases are solved outside court. If a case needs to be brought before the courts, this will most often happen via the Legal Aid's regular external law firms, if the case can be brought before a court in Greater Copenhagen. Referring the case to a lawyer may in some instances attract a small fee.

If Copenhagen Legal Aid is unable to take on your case, we will generally provide you with verbal advice and refer you to ordinary lawyers, if your case is worth pursuing. Our advisors are not allowed to take on cases as lawyers for our clients outside the Legal Aid, nor do we specifically recommend certain lawyers. However, if you wish to find a lawyer yourself, we suggest that you look at the official list of Danish lawyers on the Danish Bar Association's webpage You can further see answers to a number of "frequently asked questions" about the Legal Aid here.

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