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Copenhagen Legal Aid can assist you with the following legal matters


Our advisors can assist you with almost any kind of legal matters pertaining to Danish law. Below you can see some of the typical areas of law that we advise on.


Copenhagen Legal Aid can for instance advise you on:


  • Rents and rental agreements

  • Compensation and Insurance

  • Social security cases and appeals of decisions made by public authorities

  • Residency permits

  • Consumer rights

  • Hire purchase agreements, contractual disputes, debt and debt rescheduling

  • Employment contracts and holiday pay

  • Partnership agreements

  • Separation, divorce and division of property

  • Maintenance payments (alimony)

  • Custody and visitation rights

  • Wills, probate and inheritance


Within the following areas the legal aid is only able to provide you with basic verbal advice:


  • If you earn above our income limits - see the limit here

  • Criminal and libel cases

  • Purchase and sales of property, mortgages etc.

  • Commercial cases for businesses


The Legal Aid is not able to advise on sale and purchase of real estate, mortgages and related matters

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