Personal data – The General Data Protection Regulation. How we process your personal data.


Answers to FAQs about how we process your personal data

Which personal data do we process and why?


In order to process your it can be necessary:​

  • To go through and receive your personal data,

  • To store, either physically and/or electronically correspondence, documents, images, and other case material which might include your personal data,

  • To disclose your personal data to third parties, depending on the circumstances also sensitive data, for example data pertaining to racial or ethnic origin, political affiliation, religious belief, trade union membership or health status. Please note staff members at Copenhagen Legal Aid follow the same confidentiality practices as lawyers do in civil cases, and defence attorneys in criminal cases. Data acquired by Copenhagen Legal Aid can only be disclosed by court order.

Additionally, Copenhagen Legal Aid compiles statistics about its case work for its annual report. Only information about case types are included in the statistics. The statistics are reported to the Department of Civil Affairs.

We need your consent to process your data


In order to catalogue your case, Copenhagen Legal Aid has registered the following data:



Landline/mobile number:                              E-mail address:


(Anonymous counselling is available to a very limited extent).



We will request your consent to having your personal data processed at your very first meeting. By giving your consent, we can receive, catalogue, and store your data, including sensitive personal data. Your consent also includes disclosure of your personal data to third parties to the extent necessary for us to handle your case.


You will receive a copy of the consent form or have it sent to you.


Revoking your consent


You may revoke your consent to having your data processed at any time. You can either revoke your consent by personally appearing in Copenhagen Legal Aid or by writing an email to where you must include your case file number.


What happens if consent has not been given or is revoked?


Copenhagen Legal Aid immediately terminates and withdraws from cases where consent has not been given or has been revoked. We grant no further assistance to former clients once their case has been terminated. Our involvement with your data is ceased once your case is terminated. However, your data will be stored for up to 5 years, to be used in the event of any complaints or compensation claims that might occur.


Additional information


Data controller: Københavns Retshjælp, Stormgade 20, 1. sal, 1555 København V, CVR: 10124417.


Email for Data controller:


Data storage: We only process your personal data to the extent necessary while your case is active. Personal data is usually stored for up to 5 years after a case is terminated, whereafter it is destroyed subject to the provisions of the Danish Archives Act, which regulates if data must be submitted to the Danish National Archives.


Your rights


In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act you may request:

  • which of your personal data we are processing,

  • rectification of your personal data being processed by us,

  • erasure of your personal data being processed by us,

  • limitations being placed on our processing of your personal data,

  • data portability (the right for you to obtain and reuse your personal data).


You may at any given time file complaints to the Data Protection Agency: